Ben Roberts
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I don't really consider myself to be an artist as I don't perform in public (unless someone gets me drunk - that's another story!). Preferring to noodle around in the studio and make instrumental pieces and backing tracks for others to sing to I consider myself to be more a composer and producer.

Some of these are written for a specific purpose such as a fireshow soundtrack. Some tracks work as they are without vocals while others are plainly missing a melodic element deliberately left out to provide space for a voice. Here are a selection of the ones I can still bear to listen to. There are many others buried in the recordings database too if you still want to hear more.

Xoundboy Recordings

24 Hours

Ailing Wisdom

Another Day

Back in Chorlton



El Pueblito

End of Time (remix)

Exorcist Remix

Gone to Pot

Halloween - Dark & Scary

Jump on Me

Milacku Dub


Newark Castle

On the up

Only The Now





Sadness or Madness


The Chapel

The Girl Next Door

The Porch Song (remix)

Thought Police

Times Up