Ailing Wisdom by Ben Roberts
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Ben Roberts
Ailing Wisdom
Studio 8, Chorlton, Manchester
24th February 2005

Ben Roberts - Programmer, Composer

I got very heavily influenced by ambient dub music back in about 1992 when I heard the Positva Ambient Collection CD. Some of the tracks on that CD, like Orbital, Aphex Twin and even an early Moby track were amazingly well crafted and took the listener on some other-worldly journey that is especially good to listen to after a big night partying.

At the time I never had the equipment or the know-how to make that kind of music and by the time I did then I was completely wrapped up with producing other kinds of music instead. I decided to have a go at making an ambient dub track to see whether I was capable of it and this is the result. It took around 4 hours to finish but I listen to it now and it sounds like a lot more time was put into it.