Ian McMillan
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Barnsley-born "football-poet", Ian has written several plays and books of poetry and has been a regular on BBC radio for quite some time now. He is very good at writing poems.

In sept '05 Ian and I were commissioned by Walk the Plank to produce a fusion of poetry and music that was to be the accompaniment to "Remember, Remember", a large-scale fireshow in London celebrating the 400th anniversary of Guy Fawkes attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605. "Entry of Guy" was played over a large PA system as a 25 foot figure of Guy Fawkes (strapped to a golf buggy) made its way through the crowd of over 15,000 people and approached the enormous wooden model of the houses of parliament designed and built by the sculptor Pete Mountain. "Pretty up the House" accompanied a beautifully-spectacular illumination of the bonfire build prior to "the finale" when we re-wrote history by actually "burning down the house!" (accompanied, of course, by a Xoundboy remix of the old Talking Heads song of the same name)

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Entry of Guy


Pretty Up The House