Rolando Sanchez
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Working as a musician and performer in the local restaurants and beach bars in Taganga, a small fishing village near Santa Marta on the north coast of Colombia, Rolando sings his own original songs heavily influenced by the Cuban Son style.

Arguably his best song "Yao!" takes its name from the call made by the lone snorkelling fisherman to the waiting fisherman on the shore when he spots a shoal of expensive-looking fish swimming within the perimeter of the net. They immediately drop their dominoes and haul in the huge net that can contain over 2000 fish.

These songs, most of which are about the people of Taganga and their day-to-day living, were recorded in-between tropical rain showers in the local houses of Taganga using just an ageing laptop and a pair of mics with some sticky tape. They turned out quite well though.

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