Walk the Plank Fireshow Soundtracks

Posted on 3rd April 2008

Since the mid 1990s I have regularly been commissioned to work on soundtracks to large-scale fireshows produced by Walk the Plank Pyrotechnics, a cutting edge fireworks company based in Salford, UK. \more

These commissions include, amongst others, programming and composition for the soundtrack to the world-renowned production of "The Tower of Light", a pyrotechnic animation of a lighthouse where performing lighthouse keepers run all over its 40-foot steel structure as it comes to life in a spectacular blaze of fire, sparks and explosions.

More recently, working alongside Barnsley-based poet Ian McMillan, I was commissioned to compose the music for "Remember, Remember" a fireshow that took place on 5th November 2005 in London to commemorate the 400th aniversary of Guy Fawkes' gunpowder plot. In this version of events he was successful! 20,000 people watched as a 100-foot high wooden replica of the Houses of Parliament went up in flames.