Xoundboy (Ben Roberts)

Petra and I on tour in Patagonia last year
Posted on 26th March 2008

Xoundboy.com is a portoflio of sound recordings made by myself, Ben Roberts, a freelance sound engineer / musician / producer originally from Nottingham, UK.

Until June 2006 I was based in Manchester. I then spent a year touring around South America with my wife Petra on the look-out for original artists to record and promote. Since June 2007 I have been living in Prague setting up as a web developer and building this web site, amongst others. I hope to return to doing music one day soon and plan to build a new recording studio in the near future.

This website contains the best work I have been involved with.

The design and programming of the site is all my own work, originally based upon the old transistor radio that my Mum gave to me when I was about seven years old. That one was permanently tuned into BBC Radio 2 ... the tuning knob had stopped working. I took the radio to pieces in a desperate attempt to make it receive other stations but unfortunately when I put it all back together again it had completely stopped working. I was distraught. Thirty years later I have banished that painful memory forever (hopefully) by creating this fully-working virtual model that is permanently tuned to "Radio Xoundboy"...